The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.


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More details on sowing a new lawn. This information contains step by step recommendations to assist in achieving a new lawn 10 days after sowing. Plus tips on how to improve germination, not published on this website. Customised New Lawn Project. 

Seeding a lawn requires dedication and commitment and a full understanding of the work involved in not letting any of the seed dry out. This means keeping all of the grass seed wet, all of the time, until all of the seed has germinated. With warm season grass seed this could take about 4 weeks.

Seeding a lawn in Spain is completely different from seeding a lawn in the UK. It is particularly difficult and not recommended for an amateur or enthusiast. It is best left to a professional. So if you don't have the expertise or you're not going to be able to give this commitment, then think about buying plugs.

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Seeding a Lawn

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