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Our lawn care services include guidelines on lawn planning, pre-planting, post planting and lawn care and aftercare services.

All our services are chargeable, including visits - see list below. 

To place an order for any of our services, please email us with your requirements.


Lawn Care Services:


Advice, Information and Support

Please see our website and/or Lawn Doctor for information about all aspects of growing and repairing lawns.
We are not an advice center or forum. All our services are chargeable.

Pests 'r' Us - Garden and House Pest Control
see web page for details

On Site Consultancy (Lawn Survey including advice and full report) - 225 euros  (Costa Blanca only, other areas POA).

Why not give call us and arrange a visit, we will help you with a one on one meeting to give you recommendations on your lawn problem? 

We will inspect your lawn, identify any problems and give you all the guidelines to get your lawn back to life. 

After our site visit, we send you an itemized list of what you need to achieve a beautiful green lawn.

Note: If you have a friend, gardener or management company then please introduce us. We would be happy to quote for a group meeting, or arrange a separate visit to assist them with any additional problems that they may have.

More On Site Consultancy info

Gardening Work

We are now offering a complete gardening service, from ground prep all the way through to an established lawn. Now you don't have any risks or have to take any chances. Let us provide the results you want. 

Tree Removal
Any size tree pruned, lopped, or cut down. Please ring for quote (Costa Blanca only)

Plugging Service

We are experienced gardeners, and in our aim to please, we offer a pre plugging service, to take the hard work out of planting the plugs.

No need to buy a plugging tool, we do it for you. We make all the holes for your grass plugs with our special plugging tool.

Artificial Grass Laying.
We provide a laying service for Artificial grass. Please inquire.

Soil Testing and Postal Soil Testing.

Testing your soil prior to embarking on any work can save you thousands and provide useful information as to why an old lawn failed and what is necessary to ensure the success of your new lawn. The results take approximately 24 hours and are accompanied with a written soil report and recommendations.

We supply two types of soil tests (all soil tests come with a report and remedy):   

1) Soil pH - 60 euros - Use this test for a chemical solution to your soil problem.

2) Soil composition (% of clay, sand and silt) - 60 euros - Use this test to help improve your soil by adding materials.

3) Soil salinity (how salty your soil is and what to do about it) - 75 euros  

Water Testing

Testing your water, can provide you with additional information to help maintain a beautiful green lawn.

Water testing is 75 euros.

Postal Testing Service

As well as on site testing, we provide a postal "by return" soil and water testing service. 

1) Take  4 tablespoons of soil sample from about 6 inches below the surface.

2) Post back to us at "Suite 428, Calle Corbeta 10, 03710 Calpe, Alicante, SPAIN"

3) Email us when you have posted the soil sample, and we will send you back your reference number.

4) We test your soil.

5) We send you a payment ticket. Please pay for your soil test by wire or bank transfer (IBAN)

6) We email you back the test results with our recommendations.

Making a Putting Green Lawn

Creating a putting green lawn requires completely different grass types, mowing, soil and treatments to a normal lawn. We can advise your gardener on how to create and maintain a putting green lawn for your private use in your back garden/yard. 

We produce a complete step-by-step project (ground prep, soil type, composition, grass selection advice)  for you/your gardener. Projects start at 400 euros depending on size and complexity. 

Site visits for Putting Green Designs are chargeable from 450 euros Costa Blanca (other areas POA).

Making a Lawn Bowls, Bowling Green, Tennis Court Lawn, or Horse Paddock.

We can advise your gardener or greens keeper on how to create and maintain a bowling green lawn for your private use in your back garden/yard or for your club. 

We produce a complete step-by-step (ground prep, soil type, composition, grass selection advice) project for you/your gardener/greenskeeper. Projects start at 450 euros depending on size and complexity. 

Site visits for Bowling Green Designs are chargeable from 450 euros.

New Lawn Shopping List

click on image for details

A list of all you need, plus we will take all the hard work out of starting a new lawn.


Lawn Maintenance Contracts  click on image for details

Cut out the cost of pesticides, fertilisers, weed killer, fungicides and grass seed with a lawn maintenance contract. Prices are unbeatable and save you time and money. We call twice per month and your lawn is inspected and checked for tip top quality all through the year.

Custom Lawn Repair / Lawn Makeover Projects   click on image for details

Each Custom Lawn Repair Project contains step by step recommendations on repairing your lawn. Each project is tailored to suit your lawn and lists each product and step by step processes that are required to get your lawn back to tip top health.

Project cost 190 euros*

Custom New Lawn Project

For clients that want a new lawn but feel they need expert guidance for themselves or their gardener. The project details (step by step) the processes required to achieve a great looking lawn here in Spain.

Project Cost 190 euros

Custom Lawn Management

For lawn owners (e.g. school playing fields) or gardeners who feel that they need specific guidance on all the main aspects of planting and maintaining a lawn or green area all year round we offer a lawn management service. We provide a project per area and an unlimited all year round support service, by phone or by email.

Cost 1400 euros (per year)

Lawns Keeping for Golfing Putting Greens and Outdoor Bowling Greens

Our grass expert will oversee and advise your lawns keeper. Please Inquire for details.*

Ground Preparation and Planting Grass Plugs.

Whether you wish to buy the grass plugs and plant yourself, employ the services of a professional gardener or need our help.

Watering, Weeding, Feeding, Topdressing, Overseeding, Aeration, Cutting and general lawn maintenance

If you have problems with your existing lawn, why not let us work with your gardener to identify the problem and recommend a solution. *

* Consultancy or call out charges start at 450 euros. (including traveling time), anywhere on Costa Blanca (other area POA).


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