The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.

Payment Methods

By Cash:

At any Spanish Post Office. At the Post Office counter pay cash into Account 200005887608. You may be asked to confirm the account and it's in the alias name of "Snr Chris"

We will pay any "paying in commission" and you may take this out of the paid in amount.

By Debit Card:

Send us your email. Our Payment Agent will send you an email with the secure payment link web page, fill in the details, and pay by Debit Card from your mobile phone or laptop.
Go to "Request Payment Link" at bottom of this page
(link valid for 9 days)

By IBAN Bank Transfer:

Pay into destination IBAN account from your phone, tablet, PC or your Bank 

(Bank transfers may incur charges): 

IBAN GB70 REVO 0099 7046 164511 (please give your name or product as reference so we can identify you)

Revolut to Revolut:

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natural, organic, green
natural, organic, green