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Lawn Watering Gauge Mat

When sowing a new lawn using seed there is always the issue of when and how many times to water the seed until it germinates. 

Well now there is a simple method that takes the decision making out of watering seed on a new lawn. It's our brand new lawn seed watering gauge - it actually tells you when the seed needs watering !!

This is fantastic as it means you will know exactly when you should water your new lawn grass seed.


watering mat, lawn seed watering gauge

The biggest single problem with growing a lawn from seed is watering the seed until it germinates. In fact it is how often to water the seed every day.

In Spain the sun is so strong that it can dry out seed very quickly. And the further south you go, the stronger the sun.

The Watering Gauge is basically a fabric mat that shows the word "Water" when you need to water your lawn seed (also useful for pre-germinated seed). As it dries the word "WATER" becomes visible. You can place a few of these down on your new lawn seed in various places, and the mats will tell you when to water your lawn. So if part of your lawn is in the sun and part is in the shade, one mat in each area will tell you when to water. 

Tip: The rate at which soil dries out depends on its composition. So if you have sandy soil then the mat will dry out more or less at the same rate as the soil. But if you have clayey soil then you may decide to wait for another hour etc after the mat changes colour before watering your seed. 

Either way with this mat, your problems of when to water your seed have now been solved.

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