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Pre-Germinated Seed

The principle behind pre-germinated seed is simple. We germinate the seed so you don't have to.

With ordinary grass seed, once sown, it needs to be watered many times a day to keep it damp until it germinates. This could take a week to 10 days.

With winter type (cool season) seed this may take a week to 10 days, but with Warm season grass seed it could take around 30 days.

The problems with newly sown seed are numerous, but specifically, miss out watering, the seed dries out - IT DIES!!! and you end up with a patchy result.

We can take on board the responsibility of germinating the seed for you. We will germinate it and deliver it ready to sow, already mixed with top-dress compost. It does not germinate faster, its just that we undertake to keep it damp for you until the point of germination.

This is a perfect solution that eliminates 'Phase I' of your new lawn watering responsibilities. Basically it short circuits you into Phase II of the lawn watering regime, but just like seed, it must be kept damp until it's established.

Once the seed has germinated it is important that it is delivered to the client next day. So it is advisable to have gardening resources ready to process the delivery, and bird/ant prevention systems in place to prevent the local wildlife population from eating the newly germinated seedlings.

The reason we offer pre-treated seed is that the client, for whatever reasons, needs a fast lawn from seed. It is therefore crucial that once the seed has been delivered and sown, that someone is on site constantly to water it for a few days to get it established, if it dries out it will die. This job is not suitable for a part time gardener who visits once or twice a week, because if the pre-germinated seed dries out some of it dies, and you end up with a patchy result. We strongly recommend the use of a full time gardener.

Note: Seed is pre-treated by dry weight i.e. per Kilo, but when delivered it is damp, growing and also mixed with top-dress compost. This significantly increases the courier costs.

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