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Lawn Starter/Repair Kits

  Everything you need for a FAST lawn !  
For new customers orders placed before 30th April

All kits are 198 euros*
(while stocks last)
Items purchased individually would cost over 300 euros.

Kit 1 - Lawn Starter Kit (covers 50M2)

Each kit includes:

o  2 Kilos grass seed

o 200 Grass plugs of your choice.

o 6 Kilos of Lawns in Spain fertiliser (enough for 3 months)

o 1 Liter safe Lawns in Spain weed killer

o Planting and aftercare advice.

Kit 2 - Lawn Treatment / Repair Kit (covers 50 M2)

Kit contains:

o 1 Kilo Repair seed.

o 1 Kilo Ant powder/insecticide.

o 6 Kilos Lawns in Spain  "Rapid Repair" fertiliser

o 2 Kilos "Green Up" fertiliser

o 1 Liter of lawn weed killer.

o Planting and aftercare advice.

Kit 3 - Lawn Seed Kit (covers 200M2)

Kit contains:

o 4 Kilos lawn seed

o 12 Kilos "Lawns in Spain" fertiliser

o 1 Liter "Lawns in Spain" Safe Weed killer

o Planting and aftercare advice.



* Orders in the local area delivered free. Outside this area a delivery charge will be applied. 

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